I Fall Down Stairs

Woman accidentally launches uncut, surprisingly slick, summer sausage across her office kitchen floor while attempting to cut it free from its plastic wrapper with a very dull knife.

Those are the facts for anyone who happened to be in my office lunch room today.

Here’s the “Behind The Music” commentary for the DVD release:

“Oh God, please don’t let anyone walk in before I get this thing cut. Yes, we are all adults, but is there anything more penis like than a sausage? The joke is a lazy one FOR A REASON. And the way I have to hold it, and I seriously just pulled it out of my purse, which is its own kind of weird … oh shit … did anyone see that? IT JUST SLID ACROSS THE FLOOR AND RESTED AT THE WATER COOLER. PEOPLE WALKING BY JUST SAW ME THROW A SAUSAGE ON THE FLOOR AND IT SKITTERED LIKE A BALD, FRIGHTENED, DARK BROWN HAMSTER. I’m going to go resign right now. Well, maybe I should wait until the first few offers to direct sausage bondage porn come in, just to be safe.”

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    It’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
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